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citricoslarubia > Killing With Bikini Armor Former Assassin Sees A Dream Of Huge Breasts Over The Boundary > Chapter 14
Chapter 14 – A fated meeting…it's Aemia's huge service, right…?

「Gugyaa!」 (Goblin)

I pierced the created needle through its brain.

The goblin then fell down and I threw the needles away which later vanished into nothingness.

「Feel thy Earth, O' Silent Thunder!」 (Aemia)



The three goblins who took on Aemia's 《Battery Storage》 Battery Charge, were charred.

But 『Silent Thunder』, huh……In other words, static electricity….

「Haa… Haa… not enough electricity…」 (Aemia)

Her hair that was standing straight up has now returned back completely.

Aemia's clothes are from hemp, right? If so, I have bought a wool cloth for this kind of situation….

*Gos.h.i.+ Gos.h.i.+ Gos.h.i.+ Gos.h.i.+*

「Kyaa!? W-What are you…? ……eh? My power…the electricity power…is overflowing…!」 (Aemia)

Aaa~aah, she looks just like a superhuman from a veggie planet. It seems I need to do this kind of thing manually from now on.

(TL Note: It's Dragon Ball reference in case you don't know.)

……if Aemia's body transformed into earth…………will she turn into a certain wet-headed hero?

From then on, around two hours has pa.s.sed and she had cut the goblins in every nook and cranny, but strange…..why are there so many of them?

「Aemia…is this…」 (Saachi)

「Perhaps there are high-ranked goblins.」 (Aemia)


Redcaps or maybe hobgoblins….

Seems like everyone around us has also noticed it and is now being a little cautious.

「Well, because there's someone like guildmaster for this kind of situation, should we leave it to Yandell-san?」 (Saachi)

「…it's Randell-san, you know…」 (Aemia)

Someone from the same cla.s.s came and said that the guildmaster is calling us to gather around.

「Temporary retreat, huh?」 (Saachi)

「Understood. Let's hurry.」 (Aemia)

We hurriedly went back to the forest entrance.

At that time.


A sudden chill!?

「… Aemia! Watch out!」 (Saachi)

I threw my copper knife.


It hit the arrow that was flying towards Aemia.

「Hiiee!」 (Aemia)

The arrow's trajectory was deviated and it only grazed Aemia.

Ah, Aemia's clothes….this is not the time to care about that…

I pulled out the 『Anti-killing black sword』 and prepared myself.






……One, 300m ahead.





……500m behind…. two preys, huh?


「Aemia, earn some time for me.」 (Saachi)

「Eh? Wai-…!」 (Aemia)

Aemia was in a panic, but…she could probably do it somehow.

It looks like the two preys can now be seen.

I ran through the tall gra.s.s without making any sound.

a.s.sa.s.sins can learn 《Quickstep》 and 《Presence Isolation》. However, heavy warrior can't learn that kind of skills.

But for some reason, how come I have those two skills?

Perhaps, it's related to my inherent skills 《Memories from Previous Li

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