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citricoslarubia > Killing With Bikini Armor Former Assassin Sees A Dream Of Huge Breasts Over The Boundary > Chapter 4
AU Note:

There will be a cruel scene this time. Please take care.

Chapter 04 – I have done it now, right…

Now then, another changed history.

That time was summer evening.

The temperature was rising as a result of abnormal heatwaves in the area around the orphanage.

Since it was a tropical night every night, everyone was afflicted with a lot of lack of sleep…

Everybody was sweating and turning over while sleeping.

……except for one person.


*gasaa gasaa*

(TL Note: I will put all the sfx as it is from now on)

There's a presence……outside?

It couldn't be an animal.

1,… 2,… 4 people, huh?



They seem to be thieves.

It seems like they have entered by breaking the gla.s.s, but it wasn't a big deal for them……because there areonly children here.

Good grief…..eit!

Hmph…… Stand!

As I stood up vigorously, I erased my presence and headed to the hall where I heard the sound.

(This is my eighteenth number~♪)

I was humming a song and feeling nostalgic.

While approaching the intruders, I looked for something that could become a weapon.

(Ohh……found something~! Even a long nail is a splendid weapon too ♪)

I imagined sharpening the tip of the large nail with my magic that was found out a little while ago when exchanging with director-sensei.

……it's easier to change the object's shape rather than creating a kitchen knife from an empty s.p.a.ce.

(Alright, OK!)

I stuck on the ceiling and disappeared into the dark so as to avoid the approaching presences.

I'm doing it like a ninja from historical dramas.

(Thief A) 「Oy, this is…… an orphanage……」

(Thief B) 「Ah……there's no……mistake……」

(Thief C) 「Hehe……big…..hehe……」

They are somewhat talking sneakily.

(A~ah…. you will be discovered if you talk after you broke in, you know?)

It should be okay to do a surprise attack here… but it will be troublesome if it gets too noisy.

Let's kill them one by one, then.

After a while, the intruders spread out.

There are three intruders. The last one is probably keeping a lookout.

It looks like there's nothing big happened after they spread out.

……only one person went pa.s.s below me.

(This is the time when the famous killers' theme song starts to play, right~)

From the ceiling to the hall, going down without noise.

(Shaa) 「Fufufun~ ♪」

(Thief A) 「! Who-……..ghh!」

I rode the intruder's shoulder by force and stabbed the large nail to the back of his head.

Churn it up. Turning it around. Tentatively~

(Shaa) 「……Fresh blood from the nose ♪」

The man's eyes went white and he fell silently. Amen.

……I feel like the melody changed midway..?

Well, whatever.

I threw the man into a nearby storage room and chase the next target.

I found a man scavenging some food in the kitchen.

Once again, creeping from the back.

(Shaa) 「……Fufufun~ ♪」

This time, I stabbed

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