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Kuro Kurorissu~

You know that it's a party now! キタ━(゚∀゚)━! ! , , , ,

Saachi‘s side B!

Chapter 11 – I finally enrolled, right…

Everyday is fun after knowing my magic.

Aemia said, 「Don't bother by it」 but…… I really don't bother by it at all.

Apparently, it is commonly said that 《Imitation》 is a magic that cannot be used at all.

But for me, it's the best magic. Isn't this magic suited for a.s.sa.s.sin only?

As I don't need to carry a hidden weapon… how much of an advantage would it be.

This brings me closer to my ideal stats without training my 『Agility』 that much.

……Now then, let's raise my 『Endurance』 level diligently.

One week until enrollment.

I went out of town and hunted for monsters.

As this is also a battle that doubles as my training to get used to 《Imitation》, the consumption of MP was intense.

Hmm, I also want to raise my 『Max MP』….

There are three things that I've learned and tried.

1. MP is consumed when producing metal, but it's not necessary to use it until the last drop.

2. I could process metal products that are already exist, but in this case, it will consume MP for both processing and sustaining.

3. The MP consumption is quite efficient, though.

Therefore, if I want to train it, I could do it alongside this kind of battle.

……hmm… monster, monster…..found it.

Let's put it into practice as I have conveniently found a goblin.

「Gugyaaaa!」 (Goblin)

Let's slice the goblin first with my knife~

Imagine a gauntlet wrapped in iron plate with 《Imitation》~

Then, use it to attack instead of a s.h.i.+eld!


「Gyaa!?」 (Goblin)

When the goblin was perplexed, I reinforced my shoes with 《Imitation》.

And, a kick.

「Os.h.i.+okick!」 (Saachi)

(TL Note: This is a pun for Punishment (Os.h.i.+oki) and Kick)


「Gii!?」 (Goblin)

I moved behind the goblin that is currently in a confused state.

Wire strengthening!


「!……guga…..」 (Goblin)


……Alright, one down.

Even when I used the magic this much, the MP consumption is little.

What's useless about this magic? It's a cheat for me, you know.

Now then, Let's fight more and raise more levels……

and I also need to get used to this magic properly….

In this one week.

For some reason, the abnormal situation where the monster disappeared from the town outskirts still continues.

The subjugation quests have also disappeared from the guild for a while,

……and it's because of me.

……d.a.m.n it.

I should have registered to the guild, so that I could get rewards from the quests…!


Finally the day of enrollment to the guild training school.

I joined Aemia after a long time and left the inn that I was staying in.

I don't know about the detailsas I haven't heard that much about it, but… I think that… we will probably live in a dorm.

Ah, should I ask Aemia?

「Eh…..Aah, it's prob

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