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Chapter 3

Chapter 03 – It’s the first time, right…

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Five years after leveling up my status .

I wonder if I’ve done too much…

『Agility』 has grown .

It has grown too much .

An abnormal numerical value about 20 times that of 『strength』 and I have turned into a high-powered idiot .

If I need to give an example, that is when I gave orphanage’s director-sensei a shoulder ma.s.sage .

In the boys case, they will put a little too much power on it .

As a result, it hurts .

But, in my case .

There was mostly no impact .

Director-sensei said, 「I didn’t know you have touched it」 .

I did a full-power rapid shoulder ma.s.sage with my 『Agility』 .

It was like an ultrasonic ma.s.sager .

As a result, it was a good strange feeling .

However, since my 『stamina』 is also low, I have no endurance .

I became a super-battery-draining ma.s.sager .

「……Let’s change the route a little and raise 『stamina』 . I could have collapsed due to lack of oxygen in the middle of fighting . 」(Shaa)

Now then, there’s one more issue .

It’s magic which I have no idea at all .

Some magic introductory books were hidden in the attic for some reason, thus I have studied it .

There are three types of magic qualities displayed as skills: strong, medium, and weak .

It is said that each of them indicates not the strength, but the range .

In the case of 『Strong』, it’s a rare skill . It’s possible to learn most of the magic in this world . I’m jealous . Well, of course it will require some effort .

『Medium』 is common . Normal basic and upper magic, and seems like it can do one or two high-ranked magic if the person try a little more effort . I’m jealous .

Now, it’s about the 『Weak』 which I am also included in it…… it seems to be not good . The degree of importance is the only one that goes above 『Strong』 .

The magic that can be learned is…… one .

At most two .

What can I learn…… depends on my luck .

It seems to be magic that mostly useful for daily necessities .

What I can learn is totally unknown . The thing that can check my skill is most certainly the appraisal magic…… but none of the teachers can do it .

It’s better to practice in my current state even if I don’t know what magic I can learn .

……no doubt . It’s a blank skill .

As expected, it seems useless if I don’t think mainly about martial arts for now .

And one day .

History has moved .

……My history .

Well, it’s a bit hyperbolic to say, but it’s important to me .

There were two changed history .

One .

It was about the first time when I helped director-sensei with cooking .

「Sachan, can you peel an apple?」(Sensei)

Like I said, I’m not Sachan……

「……I will try」(Shaa)

I hold the knife and peel off the……

Wait a minute!

「Director-sensei! What is

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