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Kuro Kurorissu~

I stumbled upon and tried to translate it because each paragraph contains short sentences only and the premise is interesting too.. ( `・ω・´)

It's a R-15 comedy novel called “Killing with Bikini Armor ~Former a.s.sa.s.sin sees a dream of huge b.r.e.a.s.t.s over the steam boundary~” by Ema Kotobuki-sensei and the protagonist name is Saachi (サーチ).


P.S. I'm still focusing on Mitsuha and Kaoru, hence, I will probably translate this novel once a week or in my spare time. If by chance there's someone who wants to translate this novel feel free to tell me. A Certain Craving

I'm an a.s.sa.s.sin.

Born in the Oriental island country, raised on the continent.

Without any relatives, I was taken custody by an organization.

That organization was the a.s.sa.s.sin organization itself.

After being protected, every day is training.

The techniques to kill people were solely drilled into me.

Food and sleep too. All of my life was filled with training.

Laugh, cry, sad, rejoice. Everything was not needed.

There were other children like me. There were also children of the same age as me.

But, they were not my comrades. There was no such thing as friends.

There were no cool stuff such as rivals either.

……Everyone……is an enemy.

They are 『food』.

I was taught like that.

I fought.

It was desperate.

Although it was a training, we used real weapons.

There are injured people every day.

Of course, death is also natural.

Some of the children died every day.

……I did not want to die. So I killed.

This kind of ma.s.sacre was already being done for over a dozen years.

It was only me who survived.

I lived to carry out the missions from the organization.

I have no name. A tentative name was given to me during each mission.

I was just a tool.

I knew I would be disposed someday.

But there was nothing else that I can do except killing people.

…the organization.. that was my only place.

There's also a rare spare time between missions.

At that time, I experienced various cultures.

The entertainment that I had never touched in my childhood training changed me little by little.

That time when I was staying at a luxury hotel as a sniper.

I still had enough time until the scheduled appointment, and turned on the television for some reason.

an entertainer's swimming compet.i.tion was just being broadcast.

Wearing a bikini, the gravure idols ran around happily.


I felt so suddenly.

The training was tough.

Naturally, my body becomes muscular.

My chest, which was a ma.s.s of fat, withered a long time ago.

And there's only a hard chest like a man.


I would like to wear such bikini.

I want to sway my chest and run.


Because I was looking at it intensively, I almost failed my mission.

Ten years have pa.s.sed since then.

I became an existe

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