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citricoslarubia > Killing With Bikini Armor Former Assassin Sees A Dream Of Huge Breasts Over The Boundary > Chapter 9
Kuro Kurorissu~

How about joining our channel?

Chapter 09 – I pa.s.sed, right…

I lost.

But it can't be helped.

The current me, if I put it in Po○mon term, only has a paper endurance in personality value. It was quite bad when my first strike didn't get through.

……why do I know about that stuff, you said? I still have a hobby even when I was an a.s.sa.s.sin in my previous life, you know.

As expected, my task from now on must be 『Endurance』, I guess.

And also finding out what my magic can do.

……Alright, my current flaws has now become clear.

Ah, but… is this…a failure?

If it's like this, would there still be a chance like 『You have some promises so you pa.s.sed』….?

「Alright. I have cleared the request from 『Flying Sword』……hence, you pa.s.sed.」 (Guildmaster)


「Why did I pa.s.s?」 (Saachi)

「Well, the fact that you were recommended by that 『Flying Sword』 was already a definite decision from the very beginning」 (Guildmaster)

Ahh……so it's like that.

As expected from the former cla.s.s adventurer, Hilda the 『Flying Sword』(Director-sensei).

「Umm, how about Aemia's exam……?」 (Saachi)

「Hmm? Aah, that girl is in next-……」(Guildmaster)

「Ggiiiiiiiiiiiii!!」 (???)


What was that strange scream just now?

Let's have a look at the arena next door withthe guildmaster.

「Haa… Haa……」(Aemia)

Aemia is standing…. Does it mean that she won?

Ah, there's a man with charred feet.

「Aemia, magic?」 (Saachi)

Aemia laughed after wiping the sweat on her forehead.

「Magic huh…. I think that's not it. It's more or less a skill」 (Aemia)


What kind of skill that can launch a lightning attack?

「It's a clan skill that's handed down in my family lineage. It doubles up the electricity that is coiled around my body and release it.」 (Aemia)

Coiled around your body?

What is up with that cheat skill?

Ah, by the way.

Clan skill is….. well, it's like blo○ limit.

(TL Note: Kekkei genkai, the skills that is handed down from generations to generations. It's a reference to Naruto)

「You see, It's exactly like that thing that frequently happen in winter, remember? The 『touching a doork.n.o.b and suddenly a zap』 one.」 (Aemia)

……static electricity, huh…

So that's why Aemia's hair was standing up.

「My skill is called 《Battery Storage》Battery Charge」 (Aemia)

Battery Charge, I see…

Hmm, maybe it's a good idea to scrub a sheet of plastic first before using that.

「How about Saachi?」 (Aemia)

Ah, she said it in Katakana.

……well, it doesn't matter now.

「……I lost」 (Saachi)

「I see…… hmm? You don't look that sad, though?」 (Aemia)

「Well…… I lost but I pa.s.sed」 (Saachi)

「So it's something like 『You have promises』, right?」 (Aemia)

Aemia's face turned cheerfully bright.

「…I wonder…」 (Saachi)

「? ……haa……?」 (Aemia)

Aemia then became confused because of my statement.

「Umu. Both of you have

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