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Chapter 08 – It's turning into a battle with the perverted guildmaster, right…

「I'm very sorry for what I did」 (Saachi)

I apologized to the guildmaster (Yakuza) 30 minutes after kicking him down.

Aemia also apologized together with me. I'm sorry.

「Ah, it's fine. The way I talked was also too rude. My bad.」 (Guildmaster)

I raised my head as I was feeling relieved.

Then, I saw the guildmaster was breaking into a weird grin as he was staring at Aemia who is by my side.

As I followed his gaze……under Aemia's face……clearly to her valley……

「……Uryaah!!」 (Saachi)

「Guuhaaa!!」 (Guildmaster)

I kicked the guildmaster again. Half of it was me venting my anger.

……Aemia is the type who looks slender in clothing, huh?

Another 30 minutes later, the guildmaster (perverted bald geezer) woke up and the talk finally began.

「*Cough*, well then, I will start explaining about the guild training school.」 (Guildmaster)

「Yes, perverted bald geezer」 (Saachi)

「Perverted…..anyway, Saachi is it? I suppose you have a letter of introduction?」 (Guildmaster)

「Yes, perverted bald geezer」 (Saachi)

Then, the guildmaster made an awfully ashamed face.

「……I'm sorry. I'm really sorry. Please, I'm asking you to stop with that perverted thing…」 (Guildmaster)

「……You should apologize to Aemia rather than apologizing to me, right?」 (Saachi)


I point at Aemia's chest.

「If you bend forward, it can be seen through, you know」(Saachi)

Aemia pulled her clothes slowly and looked into it.

And then she looked to the perverted bald geezer.

And looked back to her chest again……and she repeated it for some time while her face turns red.


「GYAAAAAAAAAHH!」 (Guildmaster)

……Aemia's Super ○mbo has been decided.

「KO! You win!」(Saachi)

(TL Note: Saachi said this in English as it's a reference to Street Fighter)

「S-shut up!」 (Guildmaster)

I shouted when the guildmaster was viciously beaten up.

The talk has strayed off big-time, but it finally turned to the talk about director-sensei's letter.

「I have read the letter but…… I didn't expect that the one who recommends you is that 『Flying Sword』……」 (Guildmaster)

「……then, there's no problem with my enrollment, right?」 (Saachi)

「Well, it's handwritten by the 『Flying Sword』 herself. It will be no problem if it's true, though……」 (Guildmaster)

If it's true?

Somehow, I feel really unpleasant about this……

「『Please decide after you have a match with her once』, is what was written in the letter」 (Guildmaster)


「And so, I will fight with you as an exam.」 (Guildmaster)

Eh? With guildmaster?

「But I already took you down two times」 (Saachi)

「That's a no count!」 (Guildmaster)

「……okay」 (Saachi)

Can't be helped, huh. Director-sensei might also have something to think about.


「And……errr……Aemia, is it?」 (Guildmaster)

Aemia h

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