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citricoslarubia > Killing With Bikini Armor Former Assassin Sees A Dream Of Huge Breasts Over The Boundary > Chapter 6
AU Note:

It's a new arc.

Chapter 06 – I'm a starving bandit, right…I need to attack, right…

It was good for me to leave.

I felt a little bit lonely, but the sense of freedom is a lot stronger, like wanting to yell 「I have done my bestttt!」.



「……I'm hungry」 (Shaa)

d.a.m.n it.

I haven't prepared anything.

I used to fly back and forth in my previous life but, this world which I'm currently in is around the Middle Ages.

Thus, there's neither a convenience store nor a supermarket.

Moreover, I have no experience in camping.

So it's only natural that there's no way I could know how to identify edible gra.s.s or mushrooms.

I also don't have a convenient skill such as ≪Appraisal≫.

……I wonder if a rabbit, a boar or a bear would appear.


「Uuu……」 (Shaa)

Director-sensei pretty much gave me various things when I was about to leave.

Copper knife. A miscellaneous knife rather than a combat one for cutting gra.s.s or food. Novice leather equipment set for combat. An armor, footgear and a gauntlet set. For some reason the chest part is baggy ? Beginner's essential set for travel. Medicinal herbs and antidotes. I had already eaten the emergency food. 30 wires…? A leather bag. Empty.

……that's all.

These are useless for now.

Especially the wire!

「Go practice with this」 said director-sensei while smiling sweetly, but……!

She had definitely considered this based on my magic, right?

If that's the case, she should have taught me herself, though.

Ahh~ food……

I prefer food rather than wires……

I need to get to the town quickly, but it will take about 3 days to get there…

……My preparation was lacking too much.

Four hours after that.

I wandered north relying on the sun.



Goblin, goblin, goblin.

Monsters have come out properly.

But I can't eat them :”(

The first one, I rushed behind it quickly and transformed the wire into a pointy needle and stabbed it.

The second one, I cut them into pieces with the copper knife as it only has a jelly-like body.

Third, fourth and fifth.

I stabbed the two of them at the same time from behind while they're not aware of my existence.

And I throw my copper knife to the last one.

Fyuuh, complete victory.

……as expected, thisfighting style is usually for a.s.sa.s.sin instead of a heavy armored warrior.

There's also a job called a.s.sa.s.sin in this world too.

The occupation I chose at the 『Selection Ceremony』 was a heavy armored warrior as there's a reason behind it, though, its status is the opposite of a.s.sa.s.sin's status.

(Note: Heavy armored warriors. Being able to equip powerful equipment, but their 『Agility』 ranked second from the bottom out of all occupations. Like a warrior from Dragon Que○○.)

……Thank you for the explanation.

Well, that's why.

I became a strange heavy armored warrior that

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