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Kuro Kurorissu~

It's Party Time! キタ━(゚∀゚)━!!, , , ,

Saachi‘s side A!

AU Note:

There's another perspective other than Saachi.

Chapter 10 – I, only have a few turns, right…

(GMO's Perspective)

My name is Grand・Mary・Otto. I have been working in the guild for 10 years and more or less have a decent position.

I'm not that good in magic nor a pride in martial art. Therefore, I only improved the skill that has been bestowed to me.

My skill is 《Appraisal》. As the name suggests, this skill allows you to find the other party's hidden abilities and identify an item's name, efficacy and value.

However, the knowledge of the person itself is essential for this skill usage and that is why I knocked every possible knowledge into my head. Even to the anecdotes about the legendary heroes, type of poisons, treatment methods, and other useful knowledge.

Thanks to that, my 《Appraisal》 skill has been said to be the number one in the guild.

And today, I was asked by the guildmaster to identify a certain girl's magic.

The girl who sat in front of me is still a novice heavy warrior……due to the fact that she's wearing a leather equipment for beginners, instead of a distinctive heavy equipment. She probably still cannot afford those financially.

She has a slender physique and her height is rather short. For some reason, her chest area is baggy as she only has a bulge that is appropriate-…uwaa!? W-why is it suddenly cold…?

The name of this perfect beautiful girl is Saachi. According to the guildmaster, she seems to be a promising newcomer……

And the result of my 《Appraisal》 was… not very good.

Her magic… it was 《Imitation》.

This magic itself is not so unusual.

This magic let 『the objects you have touched before could be created within a 50 cm radius centered on itself』. The objects that can be created are various depending on the person and it is quite limited.

There are five confirmed things that can be produced.

Fire, water, thunder, soil, and metal.

Other than metal, it can still be used as an attribute attack. It is often useful for fighters and the others.

However, it's different with metal. It can reproduce a great variety of metals… but it is very much useless. The restriction about producing only within the radius of 50 cm is also quite an obstruction. In other words, even if a knife is created and thrown with 《Imitation》, it will disappear immediately. a.s.sa.s.sins improvise their weapons, thus there is no need to hide a weapon……and that is the only thing that is useful for this failure of a magic. But unfortunately, her 《Imitation》 was metal.

It's a magic that has no special purpose for heavy warriors like her…Saachi-san…… I felt sorry for her…… even though the guildmaster has recognized her talent.

However, this is my job. There's nothing else that I can do except telling it to her, you see….

(Aemia's Perspective)

My name is Aemia Donovan.

I am more

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