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citricoslarubia > Killing With Bikini Armor Former Assassin Sees A Dream Of Huge Breasts Over The Boundary > Chapter 2
Chapter 02 – It's going well, right…

First of all, I started to practice the basic movements.

It will be easy to do anything if you shape the body from a young age.

Exercise shaking hands, pacing, and consciously maintaining the center of gravity of the body. Repeat, repeat, practice.

It's the foundation of the h.e.l.lish training which I struggled to. It will have results without fail……!

「Senseeeeii! She's dancing weird again~!」 (Child)

「……she's doing a new play. Leave her be for a while, okay?」 (Sensei)

「Oh I see~! I want to do it too~!」 (Child)


The outsiders are noisy.

「Sachan, let's do it together~」 (Child)


How many times do I need to tell her?

「Like I said, I am not Sachan. It's Shaa. Shaa, you know.」 (Shaa)

「Saa」 (Child)

「Shaa」 (Shaa)

「Saa!」 (Child)

「Shaa」 (Shaa)

「Saa, nano! It's Sachan, nano!」 (Child)

Ah~ no more. Either way is fine, I guess.

My real name is Shaa. It's Shaa, written with a kanji for 『kill (殺)』.

……thanks to this child, everyone calls me Sachan, Sachan though.

It's a name that I seriously thought for the first time in my life.

At Night.

When I return to my room.

『Sachan's Room』

……who made this specially with wood and put it on my door..?


My fatigue has been doubled….

I will ma.s.sage my muscles in my shabby bed.

Calisthenics is my daily routine. Even a flexible body is also a battle advantage.

I will do whatever I can. I'll be avariciously strong.


The calisthenics is finally over.


Lock the door, and….

Let's move to the most important training….

Pleeeeee~nty of rub!

momi momi~

momi momi~

「Let's get big, let's get big」 (Shaa)

momi momi~

momi momi~

「Let's get big, let's get big」 (Shaa)

It's the result of my research!

Breast momi momi exercise!

Mufufu… It would make them big without fail.

I'll do it carefully….ta~ke that!

momi momi~

momi momi~

「Let's get big, let's get big」 (Shaa)

「Sensei, Sachan is saying something weird again in her room~!」 (Child)

「……let's leave her be, okay..」 (Sensei)

I'm doing my best effort secretly every day.

I changed the training contents little by little and let my body adapts to the basics of battle.

With the improvement of my physical ability, I can now show the movement that is impossible for every children of the same age.

My five senses also got sharper, and I became possible to grasp the children's behavior two rooms apart.

……However, I think that the one that I have not progressed at all…is magic.

After all, this is an orphanage. In conclusion, rich!……is not in our lifestyle, that is.

Naturally, there are extremely few items other than daily necessities……

Naturally, there are only few books.

Naturally, there's no way to find out about magic arts.

In the end, I have no choice but to study on my own.


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